About St Lorenzo

Diamante Do Mar Natural Sea Salt products are brought to you by St. Lorenzo who continue a long tradition of harvesting the Algarve’s naturally occuring salt from the ocean using traditional hand crafted methods. Since Roman times Portugal’s Algarve has been famous for Hand Harvested Sea Salt and we continue today to uphold these time honoured traditions.

Diamante Do Mar Natural Sea Salt products preserve the delicate balance of ocean minerals from the clear Atlantic waters. Unlike other salts, no fossil fuels have been burned to extract the Sea Salt and they contain no additives, bleaching agents or anti-caking agents of any kind.

Diamante Do Mar Natural Sea Salt products are organically produced seasonings which lead the way with a zero-carbon footprint.

As a company, St Lorenzo are an ambassador for protecting the environment and managing climate change. We share the values and philosophy of an ethical lifestyle and we are dedicated to harvesting our Sea Salt products are to the highest ecological standards. Our hand harvesting generates no carbon footprint in its production. It is certified by Nature et Progres for Salicultura and is designated “Class A”.

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